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Water Damage Restoration Services in Severn, MD

From dripping faucets to faulty pipes and flooding due to extreme weather conditions, water damage is one of the biggest problems that a homeowner can face. If not dealt with right away, the excess water can be an electrical hazard and can damage your electrical appliances, flooring, walls, ceilings, and furniture.

Sometimes you need storm and flood damage repair services.

With a single call, our water damage restoration team in Severn, MD can be at your site to prevent the situation from snowballing into a big financial burden. Remember, the sooner that water damage is addressed, the better we can prevent further secondary damage from mold growth.

Water Damage Restoration Process

After excess water becomes a potential treat to your home, it is important to get in touch with experts from our water damage repair service by calling 410-514-5202 or contacting us to repair any damage and prevent the damage from increasing.

The typical water damage restoration process includes the initial assessment, water mitigation, and clean-up.

Initial Assessment

After reaching out to our emergency services, Hippo Carpet Cleaning of Severn team will arrive at your site promptly and will assess the site and the damages caused by the water. After that, we will create an action plan and get to work.

Water Mitigation

Our experts begin work with the water mitigation phase. This process is vital in minimizing the water damage. It typically includes:

  • The removal of excess water.
  • The removal of damaged furniture and materials, including flooring, insulation, and drywall.
  • Take any additional precautions needed to prevent other potential risks of water damage.
  • Dehumidify the area affected by the water.
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In the final phase, after the area is dry and water-free, our Severn water damage cleaning specialists will begin the cleaning process and ensure that the place is ready for restoration. This can include deep cleaning and sanitizing, as well as rebuilding the materials that needed to be removed due to the water damage.

Water Damage to Carpets

After a burst pipe or a flood, your carpets are likely to be the first to get affected by the water. Due to their fabric and material, they will absorb a lot of water, leaving you with an unusable, smelly, and water-damaged carpet. A wet carpet can take days to dry up indoors, leaving plenty of time for mold to develop.

With a single call to our team of specialists, you can prevent costly and potentially health-threatening scenarios caused by a damp carpet. We can clean carpets from water damage under some circumstances, so do not worry if you have invested in quality carpets. By hiring our water-damage restoration carpet cleaning service, our specialists will ensure that your carpet is thoroughly cleaned and restored.

Our Water Damage Restoration Team

We pride ourselves on our experienced water damage industry experts who use high-tech equipment to provide our valuable clients with timely and professional service. Our water damage restoration team is always available to deal with emergencies in and around the SEVERN, MD area. Additionally, we have chosen to partner with Flood Damage Pro, especially to handle the most complex and time-sensitive jobs. This ensures that we give the best services to all of our clients.

If you want to bring down the cost to repair water damage to a minimum and prevent any further costly complications, feel free to visit our website Hippo Carpet Cleaning of Severn or call us on 410-514-5202 if you are concerned with water damage and wish to book our emergency services.

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