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Mattress Cleaning in Severn, MD

Homeownership is a point of pride for the residents of Severn, Maryland, a charming town situated between Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Cleaning one's bed is an easy task that many people neglect when trying to maintain a tidy house. For twenty years, Hippo Carpet Cleaning of Severn has been refining the art of mattress cleaning. Pay attention since it's beneficial to your home and health.

The Indicators That It Is Time to Clean Your Mattress

It would help if you considered your mattress an investment in your health rather than merely a functional piece of furniture. Beds may quickly become overrun with allergens like pollen and pet hair, dead skin cells, body oils, and dust mites. In addition to improving your health and the quality of your sleep, cleaning your mattress on a regular basis will help keep the space surrounding your bed clean.

Allergic Reaction

If you've ever noticed that your allergy symptoms, like sneezing, runny nose, or itchy eyes, have been becoming worse, especially when you've been sleeping, it might be because allergens, like dust mites, have settled into your mattress.


If your mattress has noticeable stains from perspiration, spills, or other body fluids, it's time to give it a good cleaning. Certain stains have the potential to store bacteria and release foul smells.

Bad Odors

If your mattress starts to smell musty or doesn't smell fresh, it may have accumulated sweat, oils, mold, and mildew over time.

More Than 6 Months Have Passed

Professionally cleaning your mattress every six months will keep it fresh and clean, even if you don't see any problems. Those who have asthma or other respiratory illnesses may find that their symptoms worsen, especially at night, on a filthy mattress.


These guys may shed fur, dander, and grime all over your home. If your dogs sleep on it, you might have to clean your bed more often.

Infestation Warning

Quick action is required if you discover any indications of a bed bug or dust mite infestation, including tiny bites on the skin or the presence of bugs on the mattress.


In the aftermath of a sickness, a clean mattress may help contain germs and promote a more conducive setting for recuperation.

What's Under Your Mattress?

Consider your bed to be like a sponge. It absorbs a great deal of sebum, oil, and dead skin cells nightly. The dust mites will love this place to call home and raise their young. Dust mites are tiny hairless insects that feed on dead skin. By regularly cleaning your mattress, you may eliminate these allergies. Getting a better night's rest is possible with this.

Expected Lifespan of Your Mattress

Mattresses have a ten-year lifespan with proper maintenance. Regular cleaning prevents the accumulation of dirt and moisture, which accelerates the sagging and wear and tear of mattress materials. Hiring a professional cleaning service is a great way for residents of Severn, MD, to prolong the life of their mattresses and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Mattress Cleaner

Hippo Carpet Cleaning of Severn is just one of several professional mattress cleaning services that employ state-of-the-art techniques and specialized equipment to clean your mattress thoroughly.

  • To remove embedded dirt, oils, and allergies, cleaners need powerful equipment.
  • Steam cleaning and other professional cleaning procedures are more effective than do-it-yourself approaches in eliminating dust mites and pathogens.
  • Sweat and other perspiration can gradually ruin the scent of your mattress. Hiring a professional to clean your bedroom will effectively eliminate unpleasant odors.
  • Accidental spills and stains can be hard to remove without professional help. An expert cleaner can remove stubborn stains from your mattress without causing any harm to the fabric.

Methods for Doing It Yourself in Between Professional Cleanings

Doing these easy things and getting a professional cleaner can maintain your mattress in great condition:

  1. Wash your mattress often. Remove any dust or bacteria from the mattress's surface with a furniture tool.
  2. After appearing a spot, sprinkle baking soda over the mattress. This will eliminate the odor. Next, wipe off the baking soda.
  3. Keep your mattress clean and free of wear and tear by using a high-quality mattress cover.

Why Us?

We employ the latest technology and our almost 20 years of experience to provide you with the best cleaning service. Our staff is devoted to making your house healthier and more comfortable by providing you with the best mattress-cleaning services.

Client Satisfaction

We understand the significance of a clean house and are pleased to provide individualized cleaning services in Severn, MD. Your mattress will be thoroughly and expertly cleaned since they are trained to handle a variety of materials and levels of grime.

Environmentally Friendly

Because we value your house and the environment, we exclusively use cleaning products that are safe for the environment and won't harm it in the long run. Our cleansers are safe for both children and pets so that you may clean without guilt.

Keep in mind that there are practical benefits to keeping your mattress clean beyond aesthetics. It improves the health, comfort, and resale value of your bed. To help you breathe easier and get a better night's rest, we provide mattress cleaning services in Severn, MD. Kindly give us a call immediately - 410-514-5202!

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