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Mold Testing Services in Severn, MD

Mold is an uninvited guest that invades and colonizes your property. It sneaks in unnoticed, destroys your property, and causes health problems if not detected on time. But how do you know your home or business premise is mold-infested?

The best way to know if your property is under mold threat is by relying on our mold detection services in Severn, MD. But when should you call a mold specialist from Hippo Carpet Cleaning of Severn? Office or home mold testing should be a regular exercise to detect mold before the damage becomes too costly.

Signs that indicate you need a professional mold testing service include the following:

  • swelling and peeling of paint from the wall
  • musty odor when you enter the room
  • persistent sneezing and running nose
  • respiratory complications, such as allergy and asthma
  • dark spots on surfaces, including clothes, couch, carpet, rug, etc.

Professional Mold Testing Process

Professional black mold testing is carried out by mold experts. This process is straightforward and takes just a few minutes. It includes taking control samples, air samples, and samples from the affected surfaces, sending them to the lab for detailed analysis, and providing results.

Once you suspect mold is in your property, call our professionals to conduct mold and air quality tests.

Mold Testing Cost

Mold testing is the best thing you can do to keep your property habitable and in good condition. There is no fixed rate for the service, though we do offer standard testing packages as a base point. Hippo Carpet Cleaning of Severn mold testing cost depends on the required air samples, need for indoor and outdoor air quality tests, mold remediation protocol, and more.

But there is good news for property owners! Our mold detection service is elaborate and affordable!

Mold Testing & Inspection in Severn MD

Mold Testing Services That We Offer

Hippo Carpet Cleaning of Severn offers an elaborate mold testing service. Our local team has the most experienced staff and we use the latest technology that leaves no mold unnoticed. Our mold testing covers the following aspects:

Taking Air Samples

Mold is a microorganism that relies on spores for reproduction. These spores remain suspended in the air until they find an ideal damp surface to regenerate. That's why our experts conduct air quality tests to identify mold spores. The collected samples are sent to the lab for testing and identification.

Visual Mold Inspection

Once mold has established a colony, it becomes easy to see them. We know the most common areas where mold thrives. These include under the carpet, attic, walls, basement, roof, and other damp places. Our staff has an eye for detail. No mold on your property will escape our sight.

Checking Mold Sources

We begin by asking you if you have a history of mold infestation on your property. That information gives us a clue as to what might be the possible sources or causes. Mold usually grows in damp places, like those caused by water leaks on the plumbing fittings, flooding, or leaking roof.

Our team will help you identify how you can prevent future infestation.

Black Mold Detection

Black mold is a common mold type that grows in different places, including your home and business premises. Fortunately, we are equipped to detect it on any surface or air sample and recommend the most effective mold remediation method.

Why Do You Need Mold Testing?

Mold testing helps you detect mold's presence on your property on time so that appropriate remediation protocols can be followed. This saves you from costly renovation due to mold damage and related health problems. Molds are known to destroy structures and cause respiratory diseases.

Do you need a mold detection service? Well, we have mold specialists you can call at 410-514-5202 for mold inspection. Hippo Carpet Cleaning of Severn offers the best services at the most competitive price. Reach out for a timely response and quick turnaround time!

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